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Since Breathe California was founded in 1908, the leadership of our board members and staff has been a critical and instrumental part of promoting public health in our communities.  The health impacts that our organization has made over the last century have largely been due to the concerted efforts of these groups.

Our staff includes educators, advocates, activists, accountants and media experts.

Our board members’ diverse backgrounds include medicine, pharmaceuticals, law, marketing and finance.

  • Staff
  • Board Members
  • Tanya Stevenson, EdD, MPH Tanya Stevenson, EdD, MPH
    President & CEO
    Elias Trevino Elias Trevino
    Vice President of Operations
    Randy Uang, PhD Randy Uang, PhD
    Director of Tobacco Prevention and Control Services
    Audrey Abadilla Audrey Abadilla
    Youth Program Coordinator

    MariaElena Alioto MariaElena Alioto, AE-C
    Asthma Program Manager
    Brian Sawyer Brian Sawyer
    Communications and Database Manager

    Mei-Ling (Karen) Lai Mei-Ling (Karen) Lai
    Health Educator

    Michael Chao Michael Chao
    Public Health Intern
    Juan Lazo Bautista Juan Lazo Bautista
    Air Quality
    Public Health Intern

    Alexis Cancio Alexis Cancio
    Air Quality
    Public Health Intern

    Arriana Towner Arriana Towner
    Oxygen For You
    Program Intern

  • Rohan Shamapant Rohan Shamapant

    Joshua Lipp, JD Joshua Lipp, JD
    Eve Brothers, MBA, CTP, CPA Eve Brothers,

    Endowment Trustee
    Howard Simon, JD, MBAHoward Simon,
    JD, MBA

    General Counsel,
    Endowment Trustee

    Brian M. Daniel, RCP, RRT Brian M. Daniel,
    RCP, RRT

    Alexander Ding, MD, MSAlexander Ding, MD
    TerriTerri Hague
    Greg McQuaidGreg McQuaid
    Jason Stewart, CIMA Jason Stewart, CIMA
    Endowment Trustee

    George Su, MDGeorge Su, MD
    Neil TrivediNeil Trivedi
    Andrea J. Cope, CPAAndrea G. Cope,

    Endowment Trustee

    Robert P. Lawrence Robert P. Lawrence
    Endowment Trustee