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Breathe California Policy Accomplishments

BREATHE CALIFORNIA actively advocates for policies that promote clean air and improve lung health in our communities. We have consistently been a key advocate of landmark local, state and federal legislation. As a community-driven grassroots organization, we welcome input from our community members to determine necessary legislation and policy change. Below is a list of our recent policy accomplishments, spanning from 2007-2016.

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San Francisco Clean Construction Ordinance (2007)
Partnered with Bay Area Clean Air Task Force to pass San Francisco ordinance implementing clean construction equipment standards to improve local air quality and lead to potential statewide regulations.

ARB Clean Construction Rule (2007)
Reduces diesel pollution from construction equipment by 75% and prevents 2,400 premature deaths a year. Advocated before the Air Resources Board including providing technical advisory and public testimony.

ARB Drayage Truck Rule (2007)
Reduces diesel pollution from port trucks by 75%. Advocated before the Air Resources Board including providing technical advisory and public testimony.

Clean Ports Legislation (2007-2008)
Participated in meetings with legislators on SB 974 (2008). Would have provided a $1 billion funding stream for air quality improvements and infrastructure at California Ports. Vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger twice.

ARB Shorepower Rule (2008)
Supported rule with public testimony. Reduces diesel pollution from shore-side ships by requiring access to shore-side power.

ARB Truck and Bus Rule (2008)
Reduces diesel pollution from trucks and buses statewide by 75%; preventing 4,500 premature deaths and 100,000 asthma attacks. Advocated before the Air Resources Board including providing technical advisory and public testimony. Organized “Bus for Breath” bringing dozens of impacted residents to testify at ARB hearing.

AB 32 Climate Change Scoping Plan (2008)
Outlined the rules and regulations for implementing the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Advocacy before the Air Resources Board including technical advisory and public testimony.

BAAQMD Woodsmoke Regulation (2009)
Addresses particulate pollution from wood burning that leads to poor air quality in the winter, when wood burning can be attributed to a third of the particulate pollution in the air. Advocacy at BAAQMD Board convening.

Dirty Truck Ban at Port of Oakland (2009)
Advocated for the Port of Oakland to adopt a Comprehensive Truck Management Plan including incentive funding to clean up over 1,000 dirty diesel engines, and to ensure all trucks entering the Port comply with new statewide emission standards. Supported coalition work, in conjunction with the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports, through testimony at Port Commission.

Strengthened BAAQMD Air Toxics Health Risks Assessment (2009)
Incorporated scientific findings on the sensitivities of children to toxics, as well as factoring increased cancer risks by a factor of 40% in BAAQMD Health Risk Assessments for stationary source permitting. Advocacy before BAAQMD including providing technical advisory and public testimony.

Smoke-Free Hospital Campuses Legislation (2009)(2012)
Sponsored and passed smoke-free hospital campuses legislation (SB 574 – 2009; SB 1278 – 2012) through the legislature. Vetoed by Governors Schwarzenegger and Brown.

Prohibit Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors (2009)
Sponsored and passed legislation (SB 882) prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

Diesel/Truck Regulation Defense (2019 – 2013)
Led regulatory defense efforts to defeat five bills attempting to roll back diesel regulations through the legislative process.

Increased penalties for Cigarette Sales to Minors (2010)
Participated as a coalition member to support increased penalties for cigarette sales to minors, strengthening the STAKE Act.

BAAQMD Fee Recovery Policy (2010)
Represented environmental/health community on BAAQMD’s stakeholder advisory committee and advocated for Board passage of a fee recovery policy.

BAAQMD Bay Area Clean Air Campaign (2010)
Leading health and environmental organizations through the Bay Area Clean Air Task Force to work with regulatory staff on the plans and regulations to improve Bay Area Air Quality.

Air Pollution Penalties Legislation (2010)
Co-sponsored with BAAQMD legislation and passed through the legislature to index air pollution penalties to inflation. Vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger.

Energy Storage Systems Legislation (2010)
Provided technical assistance for legislation during committee testimony and floor votes., including appearing at committee hearings, meetings with legislative staff, organizing support from environmental and health organizations, and preparing an alert for distribution.

No on Proposition 23 (2010)
Participated in campaign coalition media outreach, including editorial board meetings.

Sustainable Communities Targets (2011)
Organizing allied campaign and advocated before MTC Commissioners to adopt the more ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction target from transportation of 15% per capita reductions by 2035.

33% Renewables Portfolio Standard Legislation (2011)
Partnered with dozens of coalition members to pass legislation increasing the percentage of renewable energy in California to the highest in the nation.

Transit Blue Ribbon Task Force Legislation (2011)
Co-sponsored, in conjunction with the Environmental Defense Fund, legislation to establish a blue ribbon task force to identify transit operations funding. Passed the legislature, but vetoed by Governor Brown.

ARB Cap-and-Trade Rule (2011)
Participation in coalition with allied groups to support public health interests in development of cap-and-trade rule. Advocated before the Air Resources Board including technical advisory and public testimony via Global Warming Action Committee.

California Clean Cars Standards (2012)
Participated in coalition with allied groups to provide regulation for 15% electric vehicle fleet standard by 2023. Advocated before the Air Resources Board including providing technical advice and public testimony via Global Warming Action Committee.

BAAQMD CEQA Thresholds (2012)
Led advocacy and in depth technical review of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District thresholds for air toxics and greenhouse gases under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The thresholds will lead to local government mitigation of air pollution exposure in new housing near roadways, and help prevent greenhouse gas emissions from sprawl development.

Smoke-free Multi-unit Housing Ordinance (2012)
Provided Daly City policy makers with educational materials and a presentation at the City Council’s study session. Daly City adopted a smoke free multi-unit housing ordinance that will protect residents in over 7,000 units. After the policy was adopted, Breathe California publicly recognized the City Council for their policy efforts to protect residents from secondhand smoke.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission/Association of Bay Area Governments Plan Bay Area (2013)
Participated in coalition with allied groups to support public health interests in development of regional transportation plan, which implemented strong greenhouse gas reduction targets.

BAAQMD Cement Kiln Rule (2013)
Advocated at BAAQMD to reduce PM2.5, mercury, and other toxic metals at Leigh Cement Plant in Cupertino.

BAAQMD Metal Melting Rule (2013)
Leading efforts in technical development of rule, which will reduce pollution near major metal melting foundries in impacted communities.

San Francisco E-cigarette Ordinance (2014)
Provided technical assistance to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on the proposed campaign strategy and served as one of the main speakers at the opening presentation. Resulted in the adoption of an ordinance that prohibits smoking e-cigarettes in all the same places as smoking regular cigarettes.

Flavored Tobacco (2016)
Currently advocating to eliminate the sale of flavored tobacco products in San Francisco.