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Asthma Task Forces and CoalitionsAsthmaWorkshop1

We helped to establish, and continue to provide leadership for local counties to address disproportionately high asthma rates in under-served communities. Breathe California staff have participated in activities which have led to:

  • Increasing the number of school nurses
  • Increasing the number of Community Health Workers who can visit homes and bridge gap between patients and providers
  • Improving communication between schools, child care providers, parents and health care providers regarding Asthma Action Plans for children
  • Increasing indoor air quality to reduce asthma triggers (mold, mildew, dust mites and pests) in homes and schools
  • Providing asthma education for patients, care-givers and health care providers
  • We have also provided culturally appropriate education materials for patients and families to improve indoor air quality and reduce asthma triggers.
  • Assisted school districts in adopting green/non-asthmagenic cleaning product policies