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Sequoia Healthcare District

“We believe in what Breathe California does in terms of providing education, advocacy and prevention programs. And we don’t have anyone else doing that in our community so we are very pleased that Breathe California is our partner in addressing this issue.”
– Pamela Kurtzman, MPH

Kaiser Permanente

“Breathe California makes a difference in community health and we are very proud of our mutually beneficial partnership.”
– Jim Illig, Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Manager, Core Bay Area

Westmoor High School

“Because of Breathe California, we reach out to teens who got caught smoking. Instead of suspending them, making them miss school and feel more disenfranchised, we offer them support and access to quitting. This approach makes much more sense to me.”
– April Holland, Vice Principal

BHRS Total Wellness 

“Breathe California has done on site trainings that have been very helpful in getting people on our team trained to facilitate Ash Kickers groups to our county clients. The training and support Breathe California has given our organization has been very beneficial to our clients on there journey to live a tobacco free life.” – Carlos Rocha

InnVision Shelter Network

“Breathe California has been of incredible assistance to us. They have both facilitated cessation groups in our homeless shelters and trained our staff. They have modified the programming to fit ours and our clients’ needs, and they have been wonderful to work with.” – Brian Greenberg

San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, Office of Consumer & Family Affairs

“Breathe California has been a key ally in our efforts to tackle smoking among the clients we serve at BHRS of San Mateo County. They have offered technical assistance, trained staff, provided resources, linked to other partners; they have been crucial to our success in implementing smoking cessation classes and ultimately reducing our clients’ tobacco use.” – Jairo Wilches

Women’s Recovery Association

“I was trained by the staff of Breathe California to provide excellent tobacco quitting methods to help our clients commit to change in their smoking. Most have never thought about quitting in the way that the Ash Kickers curriculum presents.  It is clear and very easy for our clients to follow. They have enjoyed each session and often ask deeper questions as they begin to take action around their smoking. As a result, the staff have inquired about having a class for them as well.” – Anissa Moore-Williams

Service League of San Mateo County

“Breathe California has supported our agency with information on quitting for our clients. They have also presented useful information at County meetings and throughout the community. We have also had smoking cessation classes provided at our women’s programs and we have received nicotine patches.” -Karen Franncone