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As a Respiratory Care Practitioner in the Bay Area for 30 years, Brian Daniel, RCP, RRT, focuses primarily in the care of adult critically ill patients.  A clinical researcher at UCSF’s Department of Anesthesiology and Cardiovascular Institute on mechanisms and management of acute lung injury/ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), he is also a professor in allied health where he teaches respiratory care practitioner students, nurses, pharmacists, and resident physicians in training at UCSF and as Skyline College’s Respiratory Care Program’s Director of Clinical Education.

As far back as elementary school Breathe California Board member, Brian Daniel, has been interested in and intrigued by conditions that effect breathing. In addition to being an active member of Breathe California’s Board of Directors since 2015, today he is a clinician, researcher, and professor all rolled up in one. We sat down with Brian recently to ask him about his longstanding commitment to the community.

Breathe CA: What do you love most about your work?

That which I love most about my profession is that as a Respiratory Care Practitioner – which is a specialty in and of itself – I can make a measurable difference in patient outcomes. Sometimes it is in the form of simply educating patients and family members on details of care and management of a respiratory condition. The beauty of my work is that empowering a patient through education as an “ounce of prevention” will directly remove the need for a “pound of treatment”.

Breathe CA: How long and in what capacity have you worked with Breathe California?

For decades I have had great respect for what Breathe California Golden Gate stands for and actively contributes at both the state and community levels. They have established important initiatives in the way of preventing breathing disorders and lung disease. Perfectly aligned with my own personal mission to improve community health, I enjoyed my first intimate encounter with Breathe California during one of the organization’s signature events many years ago. Students enrolled in Skyline College’s Respiratory Care Program, where I am an instructor, participated. It was a positive experience all around.

As I continued to learn more about their work it didn’t take much to inspire me to take the next steps and formally join the Board of Directors.

Breathe CA: How are you contributing to Breathe California’s mission?

In addition to taking my Board fiduciary responsibilities very seriously, I work with the asthma program manager to ensure Breathe’s asthma education and management programs utilize the strongest curricula and resources available. I am also excited to help develop a new internship for Skyline Respiratory Care students to learn about and participate in the grassroots work and health education programming of Breathe California in some of the region’s most vulnerable communities. It is an invaluable opportunity to see theory in practice and this new internship will serve our community well by enhancing the practical education of our future practitioners.