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Breathe California works to prevent the spread of lung diseases in all of its forms.

Retail marijuana has now been legalized in California, and Breathe California is providing community education on the issue.

Smoke is smoke — and the effects of smoke are bad

Marijuana when smoked, like smoking tobacco, involves burning and inhaling plant material.  So, where marijuana is smoked, marijuana smoke causes similar lung and cardiovascular effects to smoking tobacco.

Marijuana has become more potent

Marijuana has also become much more potent over the last several decades, as growers have frequently cultivated strains with higher THC content (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) over CBD (cannabidiol; non-mood enhancing, offsets some effects of THC such as anxiety).

Average THC and CBD Leves, 1960-2011Click here to see larger version of graph.

Breathe California’s recent efforts on marijuana education

Breathe California participated during summer 2016 in the San Mateo County Health System’s Community Health Promotion Unit’s Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Services.  Marijuana is also the #1 cause for youth and young adults entering substance treatment programs in San Mateo County.  In this effort, Breathe California distributed public opinion surveys on marijuana and delivered presentations on the health and safety impacts of marijuana within San Mateo County to parents of young children, parents of high school students, college students, mental health services recipients, people experiencing homelessness, daytime laborers, and members of community organizations.  Breathe also participated in the county health system’s strategic community planning on alcohol and other drugs including marijuana.