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Part of our commitment to our local communities is to keep you well informed on lung health, clean air and tobacco control related issues and our work in the community. From here, you can check out the most recent developments in our work by reading our blog, press releases and newsletters or watch our videos to learn about what is happening in the world of lung health. We offer a comprehensive look at local, state and national health news. Here are some ways that you can learn about lung health and what Breathe California is doing in our community:

  • Blog – Stay caught up with how we are furthering our mission in the community as well as news that we find timely, valuable and interesting.
  • Press Releases – View Breathe California’s most recent press releases.
  • Annual Report – Download our 2013-2014 issue of Breathe Healthy.
  • Videos – Watch local and statewide media coverage of Breathe California.
  • E-Newsletter – Sign up to receive Breathe Free, our monthly E-Newsletter where you’ll find information about our programs, events and lung-health news. Here is a link to our most recent issue.