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Community Health is one of Breathe California’s key focus areas utilized to help reduce the impact and burden of lung disease, eliminate lung health inequities, develop generations of environmental stewards and lung health advocates, improve general public health and air quality, and increase regular outdoor activity.  We start this process by working to increase knowledge and understanding about lung health and disease prevention, as well as air quality among youth and adults.  Work in this area complements our work done via direct services and programs in Asthma, Tobacco Control, Environment and Air Quality, and Research.

To secure the broadest reach, staff, volunteers, interns, Board members, and community partners come together in an effort to ensure our communities receive education on lung health issues and that communities inequitably impacted by or at risk of poor lung health are prioritized with a more focused approach.

A summary of our community health approach can be found in a logic model here.

Partnering with local clinics and hospitals, K-12 schools, community colleges and universities, Departments of Public Health, County Tobacco Control and Asthma Coalitions, Respiratory Health Programs, Civic Clubs and organizations, religious institutions, and local nonprofits, Breathe California works to increase public awareness of lung health issues, provide training and education, offer referrals to health services and resources, engage in advocacy, and provide interactive community events.

A summary of our Community Health activities and outcomes for 2013-14 can be found here.