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Dear Breathe California Bike 4 Breath Riders, Volunteers, and Supporters:

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer and would like to thank those of you who completed the Bike 4 Breath survey, widely supporting the decision to suspend the event this year in order to place our efforts on our core essential services. As dozens of you asked how else you can support Breathe California during this gap year, we would like to offer a unique opportunity to stay involved in our mission and help raise funds and awareness for the life-saving programs and services that Breathe California Golden Gate provides to Bay Area communities:

New this year: Cycle or Run with “Irish” Greg McQuaid

Running 52 marathons in 52 weeks may sound crazy, but Breathe California Board Member and former smoker “Irish” Greg McQuaid is doing it for a great cause — to inspire people to quit smoking and get healthy, just like he did. To celebrate his 10-year anniversary being tobacco-free, he’s voluntarily putting himself through a grinding year of running all in an effort to support the work of Breathe California Golden Gate. So Greg is actually running one marathon every single week for an entire year! Last weekend, he completed marathon #37 running from Treasure Island to Albany, and has now run over 980 miles this year!

Would you, your friends and family, or your office like to cycle or run with “Irish” Greg on one of his remaining marathons? Do your kids have a team that wants to run a 5K, half marathon or full marathon with him? He generally runs on Saturday mornings – some Sundays – and he’ll be running until December, so call our office and we’ll coordinate with Greg to make it happen: 650-994-5868! We can help you make this a “fun”-draiser to support Breathe California!

It’s also very easy for you to share Greg’s story with your friends and family — just click here.

Greg is one of seven runners highlighted in San Francisco Chronicle articles about training for the SF Marathon and a post-race wrap up piece.


Earn Bike 4 Breath gear by supporting Greg!

Donate here to earn your prize:
$50 donation = B4B water bottle or socks
$100 donation = B4B water bottle or socks AND reusable Breathe CA bag
$250 donation = B4B Cycling Jersey
$500 donation = B4B Cycling Jersey and shorts and socks – the whole outfit!
$1,000 donation = One of Greg’s runs will be publicly dedicated to you and only you!
Support Greg and Breathe California now!

Discounted Registration for Breathe Bike Trek

Sept. 8-10, 2017

For all you Bike 4 Breath riders interested in a multi-day cycling/camping event to benefit Breathe California Golden Gate, our sister organization, Breathe California Sacramento Region is offering you a huge discount on registration (only $25!) for their Breathe Bike Trekjust use discount code “B4B”. The Trek, staging out of Petaluma, accommodates cyclists of various experience levels and is fully supported with frequent rest stops. Additionally, through our partnership, any funds you raise above cost will support our own critical work in Bay Area communities!

Don’t want to cycle or run? You can simply Make a Gift!

We welcome your donation, big or small! Your gift will support Breathe California’s programs and services this year to ensure the Bay Area continues to fight lung disease, advocate for clear air and advance public health! Thank you for your continued support and please consider becoming a Lung Health Champion!