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On November 15, 2017, the Board of Directors for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (Air District) which oversees 9 Bay Area counties, unanimously voted for the passage of Regulation 11, Rule 18 (Rule 11-18).

Rule 11-18 aims to significantly reduce the risk from toxic air emissions at existing stationary facilities (e.g., oil refineries, foundries, crematoriums, factories, hospitals, etc.). It will require existing facilities to do is the following:

  1. Conduct health risk assessments
  2. Create a risk and reduction plan for the Air District
  3. Install the Best Available Retrofit Control Technologies for Toxics (TBARCT) to significantly reduce toxic emissions, with the overall goal of causing 10 or fewer cases of cancer per million people. This is now believed to be the most protective emissions Rule in the nation!

Prior to development and passage of Rule 11-18, the Air District gathered vital information on the potential impacts of such legislation by interviewing stakeholders, foundries, hospitals, the Bay Area Clean Water Agencies (BACWA) and other entities.

To support the passage of Rule 11-18, Breathe California Golden Gate (BREATHE CA) created an e-mail campaign, in which community members can send personal messages to the Board of Directors regarding the importance of Rule 11-18. Dr. Tanya Stevenson, BREATHE CA President and CEO, as well as Juan Lazo Bautista, local resident and BREATHE CA Air Quality Public Health Intern, had the opportunity to provide Public Comment at the Air District Board meeting and voice why the approval of Rule 11-18 was a crucial step in protecting the health of the Bay Area residents.

Rule 11-18 is the strictest and most protective emission regulation of its type in the nation. It is an amazing start to reducing our stationary source emissions here in the Bay Area! We are thankful for the Air District Board of Directors decision and their dedication to the health of their constituents, and hope this action will serve as an inspiration for other districts to adopt similar regulations.

You can read Rule 11-18 in full detail HERE.