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E-cigarette manufacturers are spreading a lot of misinformation regarding their products.  We’d like to offer the facts so that you can make the best informed decisions to protect your health.

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MYTH: “E-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to smoking”

  • FACT: Right now, there is no proof showing that e-cigarettes (e-cigs) or vaping is safe. Just like in regular cigarettes, the vapor inside the e-cig contains harmful material. Inside there is fluid used to embalm, chemicals that can cause cancer, toxins, poisons, and metals.

MYTH: “E-cigarettes can help people quit smoking.”

  • FACT: E-cigarettes’ ability to aid in helping people quit smoking has not been proven.

MYTH: “E-cigarettes are not marketed towards youth.”

  • FACT: The data shows that more youth now use. The way e-cigs look and the flavors they come in appeal to young people. This leads them to smoke normal cigarettes.

MYTH: “It is safe to smoke e-cigs around others”

  • FACT: When people smoke around you, harmful health effects can occur. The vapor puts small liquid matter into indoor air that can cause cancer and contains nicotine.

MYTH: “E-cigarettes are a socially acceptable alternative to regular cigarettes”

  • FACT: Although vaping fluid doesn’t contain tobacco, most contains nicotine – the chemical that makes you an addict. You can be more easily hooked on nicotine than cocaine or heroin.