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Linda Civitello, MA, CFRE Linda Civitello, MA, CFRE
President & CEO

Elias Trevino Elias Trevino
Vice President of Operations
Tanya Stevenson, EdD, MPH Tanya Stevenson, EdD, MPH
V.P. for Institutional Advancement
Ayşe Gürsöz Ayşe Gürsöz
Communications Director
Matthew Read, JD Matthew Read, JD
Director of Statewide Government Relations

Jelissa Parham, MPH Jelissa Parham, MPH
Director of Tobacco Prevention and Control Services
Christopher Ndubuizu, MPH Christopher Ndubuizu, MPH
E-Cigarette Control Advocacy Manager
Audrey Abadilla Audrey Abadilla
Program & Management Associate

Alexandra Elliott Alexandra Elliott
Special Events Manager

Brian Sawyer Brian Sawyer
Webmaster / Admin. & Communications Assistant

Karen Cleek, CPA Karen Cleek, CPA
Natalie Andrade Natalie Andrade
Health Education Associate

Robyn Lee Robyn Lee
Public Health Research and Evaluation Intern
Joyce Suen Joyce Suen
Communications and Event Intern
Eriko Tsuda Eriko Tsuda
Office Administration Intern
Christine Vang Christine Vang
Public Health Research
and Marketing Intern