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  • 5 Formal meetings with local/regional policy makers regarding local policy
  • Tobacco Control policy campaigns in 2013-14
    1. Provided technical assistance to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on the proposed campaign strategy and served as one of the main speakers at the opening presentation. Resulted in the adoption of an ordinance that prohibits smoking e-cigarettes in all the same places as smoking regular cigarettes.
    2. Provided testimony and education to Foster City’s City Council for their smoke free multi-unit housing ordinance.
  • Tobacco Control Policy Adopted in 2013-14
    1. The San Francisco e-cigarette ordinance was adopted in 2013-14!
    2. The Foster City smoke free multi-unit housing ordinance was adopted in the 2014-15!

Awareness & Outreach

  • Public Announcements & Social Media activity focused on Tobacco Control monthly
  • 17 Health Fairs

Training & Education

  • 702 youth participated in tobacco awareness sessions
  • 50 youth engaged in smoking cessation classes
  • 11 Smoking Cessation facilitators were trained

Tobacco Control Coalition Activities

  • Chaired San Mateo and San Francisco Tobacco Education Coalitions
  • 7 Coalition meetings held